"I have nothing but the highest praise for Scott Management, in particular, our representative Ellona Hess.  During my time on the Board  I worked closely with Ellona. I found her to be  super responsive with a 'can-do' attitude.  Ellona usually had the answers to my questions at her fingertips, and on the rare occasion that she didn't, she researched and got the information quickly. She was a true partner for me in my role as President. I am no longer on the Board but when I go to our HOA meetings I see the same Ellona - facts at her fingertips and a ready smile. I believe that in general management companies get a raw deal, dealing with complaining people day in and day out.  Some valid complaints, most not so much. It's a job that requires patience, great people skills and a mind for detail.  Ellona has all that for sure."