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We work with the BEST.

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Scott Management Company refers, licensed, certified and insured vendors with five star reputations, to our Owners Associations, located throughout Southern California. We invite and seek out professionals to provide needed services to our Owners Associations. We encourage you to apply and become a member of our networked service providers. Scott Management Company is always looking for the Best Gardners, Best Plumbers, Best Electricians, Best Spa & Pool, Best Pest Control, Best Movers, Best Security providers to service our clients. 

Scott Management Inc., utilizes a 3rd party, Association Services Network, to verify and report data with regards to Vendor Identification, License and Insurance.  The membership grants access to Basic & Elite Services Providers to have their insurance documents verified and then lists them on the Scott Management Vendor Directory. Elite membership shares access to a custom Traffic Catcher Website and all the tools available in the Chamber Nation platform.

The Basic Membership is $99 annually and the Elite Membership is $199.

Memberships renewal notices are emailed automatically approximately 30 days before each annual renewal.  A Service Provider can opt-out of auto renewal at any time and can cancel a membership for a full refund within the first 30 days of a new or existing membership. (Note, not once in 6+ years has ASN denied a refund to a Service Provider who requested it.)